Jaksally is a Wealth-creation organization. She does this through positive people, group, and Community Mobilization. Jaksally is a highly disciplined organization. Jaksally has a strong positive capacity building culture and she is a trustworthy organization.

Jaksally is very powerful in Life-changing through changing minds and changing futures. She is a great Resource and skillful resources mobilization team. Empowerment is not only a powerful description but an action based on Jaksally programs. Transparency and accountability are the hallmarks of Jaksally and her programs. Jaksally is a Trusted, Hard-working, and Action-oriented organization.

We are discovering Wealth wisdom, urban savings, and loans association-USLAs (new methodology) from our normal village savings and loans. –VSLAs. Jaksally is moving on with more discoveries and development of an APEX banking- {An APEX CSLA institution is a collaboration between 5 and 20 individual Village and Saving Loan Associations (VSLAs). By pooling resources, CSLAs can save to an APEX Loan Fund, from which individual CSLAs can borrow, to increase the capitalization of their CSLA Loan Funds. It also provides and operates an insurance fund that covers the risk of individual default, operates an education fund, and finances technical visits by external agencies, mainly related to agriculture. APEX CSLAs is member-managed} – in community savings and loans associations.

Jaksally continues to discover and improve financial literacy. A time-conscious organization in action and operation is seen and practice in our programs.  Jaksally is a Resource sharing organization-doing this through different programmatic areas with different partners involving different people and different skills.

Jaksally’s story and brand are unique from all normal non-governmental organizations. We have discovered a leadership model that does not only develop appreciative leadership but transformational wealth creative, discipline trusted, and action-oriented leaders.

Jaksally’s leadership model is one with the capacity to translate vision into reality. The process of influencing others to realize their beneficial goals or aspirations. Our leadership model has attributes of sacrifice –give up something now to gain something later. Service –working to meet the needs of others. Simplicity –simplifying mission and making it clear to communicate. Sophistication-ability to grapple with a wider range of complex issues at the same time. Solution-solve problems, don’t just talk or complain. Soundness-knows how to avoid extremes and achieve a balance between family, career, and ministry-prioritize relationships. Significance-great leaders create enduring value. Seek to create results that will outlive them. Ultimately, transferring power to Organisational structures to ensure longevity. The true hallmark of our great leadership model is sharing the burden, empowering others to get involved, and multiplying results.

Jaksally is working to become an excellent Centre for knowledge sharing organization. Jaksally is doing this by putting resources together and combining appropriate planning techniques, methodologies, and skills.

Collaboration & partnership is our hallmark. This is done through our multiple partnerships and joint implementation plans development for project implementation.

Our strong Stakeholder engagement process from grassroots to users put Jaksally strongly as a great organization to partner and work with.  Jaksally is very much aware of crisis and pandemics in the like of COVID 19 and hence develop and implement programs, and a project that is responding to current needs.

Written by : Jaksally Development Organization

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