History and legal mandate

Jaksally FNGO is a subsidiary of the JAKSALLY SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT TRUST LIMITED (JSDTL), 2016, which is also a subsidiary of JAKSALLY DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION (JADO OR JAKSALLY) 2004, which was also re-registered in 2017 from JAKSALLY YOUTH GROUP, established in 2000 and registered in 2004.

Jaksally Youth Group was started by four university students of Central University College, University of Ghana Legon, and Kumasi Polytechnic. These students came together in the year 2000 to start and run an organization which was to produce sorghum to support the education of these young men. This failed woefully. Three of the young men lost hope. Jaksally has grown from one person with the support of SNV from 1996 through a staff strength of 25, now, over 64 volunteers, 100 local interns and 20 international interns. Jaksally believes that “there shall be no waste.” We are practising Changing Minds, Changing the Future of people we come in contact with.


Jaksally’s Founder and Executive Director, Jeremiah Abubakari Seidu’s work began in 2000. He quit a national university as a failure when he wanted to be trained as a Physics teacher, from the University College of Education, Winneba to start the Jaksally Youth Group. The First sorghum commercial student farmer to a raised fund to support his education through a private University, Central University College, Ghana. An experience that inspired him to start the first local resource mobilisation institution, to have used the concept of Village Savings and Loans Methodology (VSL-developed by CARE International in 1991 in Niger) saving, local resources, and mobilising “patient capital”—an inspiration: Bridging the Gap between Rich and Poor, and create Jaksally Youth Group. Indeed, when he founded Jaksally in 2000, few had heard of the words patient capital, Village Savings & Loans, and impact investing.


We invest in breakthrough groups. We invest in early-stage groups whose products and services enable the poor to transform their lives. We also support our groups with the tools, networks, technical assistance, and strategic guidance needed to succeed and scale into long-term solutions to poverty.

Our Approach- Patient capital that dares to go where markets have failed and aid has fallen short! We invest in intrepid entrepreneurs and early-stage innovators tackling the problems of poverty. The markets alone cannot solve the problems of poverty, nor are charity and aid enough to tackle the challenges faced by over two-thirds of the nation’s population living in poverty. Patient capital is a third way that seeks to bridge the gap between the efficiency and scale of market-based approaches and the social impact of pure philanthropy.

Our approach to community investing patient capital– Apex Community Urban Savings and Loans (ACUSAS). Rather than investing traditional capital, we invest philanthropically, or “patient,” capital that provides startups with the flexibility and security to grow their business and reach as many poor beneficiaries as possible.

our manifesto

It starts by standing with the poor, listening to voices unheard, and recognizing potential where others see despair. It demands investing as a means, not an end, daring to go where markets have failed and aid has fallen short. It makes capital work for us, not control us. It thrives on moral imagination: the humility to see the world as it is, and the audacity to imagine the world as it could be. It’s having the ambition to learn at the edge, the wisdom to admit failure, and the courage to start again.

It requires patience and kindness, resilience, and grit: a hard-edged hope. Its leadership that rejects complacency, breaks through bureaucracy, and challenges corruption. Doing what’s right, not what’s easy. Jaksally: it’s the radical idea of creating hope in a cynical world. Changing the way, the world tackles poverty and building a world based on dignity.

With Determination and Grit, Everyone Can Contribute to a Better Future

Partnering with Jaksally – Our partners are change-makers. They put their money where their mouths are and they’re not afraid of taking risks to create outsized impact. They share our belief that every individual, not just some, deserves the right to live with dignity, not dependence. Our partners are the individuals, communities, groups, Donors, corporations, and institutions that provide the financial and human capital that allow us to take on the world’s toughest challenges. Partner With Us. Together, We Can Build a More Inclusive Nation

who we are.

Jaksally is a Wealth-creation organization. She does this through positive people, groups, and Community Mobilization. Jaksally is a highly disciplined organization. Jaksally has a strong positive capacity-building culture, and she is a trustworthy organization.

Jaksally is very powerful in Life-changing through changing minds and changing futures. She is a great Resource and skillful resources mobilization team. Empowerment is not only a powerful description but an action based on Jaksally’s programs. Transparency and accountability are the hallmarks of Jaksally and her programs. Jaksally is a Trusted, Hard-working, and Action-oriented organization.

We are discovering Wealth wisdom, urban savings, and loans association-USLAs (new methodology) from our normal village savings and loans. –VSLAs. Jaksally is moving on with more discoveries and development of an APEX banking- {An APEX CSLA institution is a collaboration between 5 and 20 individual Village and Saving Loan Associations (VSLAs). By pooling resources, CSLAs can save to an APEX Loan Fund, from which individual CSLAs can borrow, to increase the capitalization of their CSLA Loan Funds. It also provides and operates an insurance fund that covers the risk of individual default, operates an education fund, and finances technical visits by external agencies, mainly related to agriculture. APEX CSLAs is member-managed} – in community savings and loans associations.

Jaksally continues to discover and improve financial literacy. A time-conscious organization in action and operation is seen and practiced in our programs. Jaksally is a Resource sharing organization-doing this through different programmatic areas with different partners involving different people and different skills.

Jaksally’s story and brand are unique from all normal non-governmental organizations. We have discovered a leadership model that does not only develop Appreciative Leadership but Transformational Wealth creative, Disciplined trusted, and action-oriented Leaders.


Our Leadership Model- T to R; 8S AND T (SSSSSSSST).

Jaksally’s leadership model is one with the capacity to translate vision into reality. The process of influencing others to realize their beneficial goals or aspirations. Our leadership model has attributes of Sacrifice –give up something now to gain something later. Service –working to meet the needs of others. Simplicity –simplifying the mission and making it clear to communicate. Sophistication-ability to grapple with a wider range of complex issues at the same time. Solution-solve problems don’t just talk or complain. Soundness-knows how to avoid extremes and achieve a balance between family, career, and ministry-prioritize relationships. Significance -great leaders create enduring value. Seek to create results that will outlive them. Ultimately, transferring power to Organisational structures to ensure longevity. The true hallmark of our great leadership model is sharing the burden, empowering others to get involved, and multiplying results.

Jaksally is working to become an excellent Centre for Knowledge Sharing organization. Jaksally is doing this by putting resources together and combining appropriate planning techniques, methodologies, and skills.

Collaboration & partnership is our hallmark. This is done through our multiple partnerships and joint implementation plans development for project implementation. Our strong Stakeholder engagement process from grassroots to users put Jaksally strongly as a great organization to partner and work with. Jaksally is very much aware of crises and pandemics in the like as COVID-19 and hence develops and implements programs and projects that respond to current needs. This is our approach, and we need all-inclusive.