Some Traders in Yagba Market the District Capital of Mamprugu Moagduri in the North East Region have raised concerns over the perennial flooding of their market, shops, homes, and parts of their community.

According to them the perennial flooding of their market is due to the abandonment of road project and the construction of choked gutters within Yagba township.

Speaking to Wesaygh News after a heavy downpour in the area on Wednesday, September 2, 2020, which also happens to be a market day, traders say they have to abandon trading activities due to perennial flooding.

They said the situation is creating unnecessary inconvenience and loss of income any time it rains.

Until the contractor working on the road construct the choked gutters within Yagba township to allow free flow of water, flooding in the Yagaba market will continue to be a challenge.

Madam Samata Sulleymana said the Yagba community market is the only village market they have in the area but they are losing everything to water, adding that it is making it difficult for women to make earns needs.

 She said women in the area are suffering and therefore appealing to the government and the Mamprugu district assembly to come to their aid.

Another woman who could not hide her frustration lashed out at the government, the district assembly for depriving them of their livelihoods.

According to her women form part of the majority when it comes to deciding who to lead the country but the successive governments have failed to honour the pride of rural women by providing them basic needs like market, potable drinking water and quality health care delivery.

The Former Assemblyman for the area Yussif Inusah indicated that the flooding situation in the town is a long time problem.

According to him, the road project was awarded in 2016 by the previous NDC government included the construction of water drainage systems or gutters to allow the free flow of water but when power changed hands the project has been abrogated and re-awarded to a different contractor call Mawums Construction Limited.

 He said their efforts to get the contractor back to the community and work on the choked gutters have yielded no result. 

Mr. Inusah reiterated calls on the contractor to do the needful by constructing the choked gutters to make Yagba a clean community.


Written by : Jaksally Development Organization

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