CITIES permit for Sale: Government and F C to salvage lying logs as loggers already harvesting fresh rosewood in the Savannah and Upper East Region.

It has been alleged that the government is seeking a court order for Permit Holders, Contractors in the rosewood business to collect and salvage dry lying logs that were abandoned during a ban on illegal rosewood logging and transportation on March 11, 2019, by the Minister for Lands and Natural resources. Even before that alleged

(Opinion) World Environment Day: Jeremiah narrates how he has been threatened by his own people in his attempt to fight illegal wood logging

Environment across the world today is being celebrated with a bleeding heart as the environment weeps and cry for conservation. The pain of rejection, Dejection, Loneliness, name-calling, castigation, stigmatization, and discrediting from my people is what I go through. No one trusts me, No one believes me. My people and kingdom have rejected me because

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