Choked gutters, filth, blocked waterways, turns Yagba market into a flooding zone

Some Traders in Yagba Market the District Capital of Mamprugu Moagduri in the North East Region have raised concerns over the perennial flooding of their market, shops, homes, and parts of their community. According to them the perennial flooding of their market is due to the abandonment of road project and the construction of

Kunkua, Jadima residents threaten “no vote” over abandoned culverts

Residents of Kunkua- Jadima communities along Yagaba in the Mamprugu Moagduri District of North East Region have threatened to boycott December 7 elections if government fails to fix their road and bridge culvert. They said the government’s refusal to fix their road, which has been abandoned for four years now, is hampering development. An abandoned

CITIES permit for Sale: Government and F C to salvage lying logs as loggers already harvesting fresh rosewood in the Savannah and Upper East Region.

It has been alleged that the government is seeking a court order for Permit Holders, Contractors in the rosewood business to collect and salvage dry lying logs that were abandoned during a ban on illegal rosewood logging and transportation on March 11, 2019, by the Minister for Lands and Natural resources. Even before that alleged

NGO blames Traditional Authorities, MMDAs and Youth in Gonjaland for promoting illegal charcoal burning.

The Programme Coordinator of Jaksally Development Organization based in Bole in the Savannah Region Mr. Seidu Jeremiah has raised concerns over the failure of the Traditional Authorities in Gonjaland in their bid to the fight against commercial charcoal burning in the area. He said the continuous disregard by the chiefs to enforce the bans which

Jaksally facilitated VSLAs Contributes to Bole Districts Assemblies’ Medium Term Development Plan, Achieving SDGs – Jeremiah

The Programme Coordinator of Jaksally Development Organization Mr. Seidu Jeremiah has touted the impacts and contributions of Village Savings and Loans (VSLAs) on the lives of many people in Bole district especially women groups and therefore urged the leadership of Bole district assembly, financial institutions within the area to support the course. He said the

Disclose how much revenue generated through illegal wood logging – NGO inquires MMDAs, Traditional Rulers, and Tribal youth groups

The Program Coordinator of Jaksally Development Organization in the Savannah Region Mr. Seidu Jeremiah has alleged that the recent illegal logging of rosewood and other tree species in the Savanna Ecological Zone was perpetrated by some government officials at the local levels. He alleged that some Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies, assembly members, which fall

22 arrested in the Sisala West and East District forest reserves over illegal activities- Jasper

22 people have been arrested in Tumu in the Sissala West and East Districts of the Upper West Region by joint security personnel for various offences in the forest reserves. Their arrest is in connection with unlawful entry, illegal farming, cattle ranching, illegal logging, and many other illegal activities going on the forest reserves along

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