A few years ago, Gonja, K’gbanya, was at the forefront of various institutions in Northern Ghana, in Education, Agriculture, Health, the Forces, name them. Today, our people are the junior ranks in most institutions. Today, majority of our youth cannot go beyond SSCE and are chasing after various security services for enrollment with results that are not attractive or competitive enough to study in Higher Institutions of Learning. In fact, most of the results are nothing to write home about.
It will be common to see our people serving as labourers in various institutions in the next few years if care is not taken and a think-tank is not put in place to identify ways to salvage this trend.
The formation of the think-tank should please stay entirely away from politics and/or identify with specific areas of Gonjaland / Savannah Region (not that you come from Buipe and incline your interest towards Buipe) and address what will make the Region grow.
It’s important to task ourselves with gathering some data on just a few areas or institutions like, Academia, Agriculture, Health, Law, Engineering, etc. I believe the results will provoke the thinking of the group which will make them sit up and plan towards finding ways to rescue our lost image.. Over the years, we have lost many important positions in both private and government institutions as Chief Directors, Directors, Heads of Departments, Chief Executive Officers, Managers of Financial Institutions, ….. As a Region how many lawyers, doctors, administrators, engineers, directors, do we have now to grow ourselves ?
My suggestion is each of the District Assemblies should charge District Education Directorates to step up supervision so as to improve on student academic performance and the few best students identified and given support, without looking in to who is who, to pursue courses that will lead them into better occupations. When there are litigations with, say our neighbors, who do we rely on? Can’t we support prospective candidates to read law. In the Mining and Oil sector, do we have personnel in there? A cursory look at the District and Regional Administration offices, Gonjaland can only boast of drivers, cleaners and labourers. Very few belong to the Management class and it simply showsour people aren’t qualified enough to be there and that we, as a Region, will continue to wallow in poverty if we the successful ones will remain in our homes and just think of our persons and not the bigger society.
Youth leaders, Chiefs and Retired Officers (Directors) should begin thinking about the future of Gonjaland/ Savannah Region otherwise ‘foreigners’ will continue to rule us. We should also not be surprised seeing an upsurge in criminal activities in various parts of Savannah Region and each and everyone will be in danger. No body will be safe if those of us who feel okay feel there’s nothing to worry about!
A development plan designed to yield results in the next twenty five years and beyond could be the solution to our
woes, let us be warry of OUR SINKING STATE!

Chief Kuipo Harrison Salifu, Bridgewura, Buipe