Present projects and results indicating progress (project objectives and results)

  • Micro Lead (banking without walls) with CARE International. Objective is to form, train, and nature four hundred VSLAs into the project. Using mobile technology and banking, agency banking and mobile money to access formal financial services for unbanked. We have done 620 VSLAs now. The project was from January 2014 to 2016 December. The project in Sawla Tuna Kalba, West North, East and Central Gonja districts of northern region.
  • Wash for Health project with USAID in partnership with Global Communities. Objective to use VSLA to support the construction of household latrines in achieving open defecation free in Sawla Tuna Kalba Districts of the Northern Region.  Five year project with one year contract renewable. 
  • Youth in Savings project with Plan Ghana 2012 to 2015. Introducing savings to the youth between 15 and 35. Jaksally was to sensitize, form, train and nature 150 groups. We did 200 groups.
  • Banking on Change with Plan Ghana from 2009 to 2012.  Objective is to increase household income for women to enable them take care of children. Jaksally was to sensitize, form, train and nature 360 groups in two districts, we did 580 groups.




Past projects and impact (project objectives and impact stories)

  • Piloted VSLA in eco-tourism as an exit strategy and sustainability model. We were to do 2 groups in two communities from two districts. We did 6 groups three each per district.
  • Piloted VSLA in Shea value chain as a local resource mobilization tools and value chain financing with SNV. We were to do 15 group in West Gonja we did 35 groups.
  • Piloted VSLAs in cooperative formation with SNV. We were to do 35 group and nurture them into cooperatives. We did 75 VSLA and  75 Shea, 35 butter cooperatives and one union
  • Piloted VSLA in Sanitation ladder as a financing tool with SNV and UNICEF. We were to do 6 groups from six communities. They groups were to raise 4500GHS each in a year, we did twelve groups and they raised 120, 000GHS in one year.
  • Piloted VSLA in WASH-water, sanitation and hygiene. We were to do 6 group to raise 2500GHS and invest that in household toilet. We did 24 and they raise 5000 each and invested that in household latrines.
  • Train other local partners in VSLA. We were to do 17 we did 37 partners in northern Upper West and East regions.