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Volunteer Program

  1. Volunteer and cross cultural:

The Cross-Culture sector brings volunteers from Europe and other parts of the world who wish to come to Ghana to offer voluntary service to institutions and organisations in Ghana that need their services.

Volunteer Program  

Program overview

The foundation seeks to offer interested persons abroad the opportunity to volunteer in Ghana. The unique thing about this program is participants gain experience on working with our team and partner. The program is also a cross cultural exchange program which gives participant the opportunity to integrate and learn about the Ghanaian and African culture.

Typically volunteers engage in our programme for between 2 to 24 weeks. Most of our projects are locally initiated grassroots ventures within the fields of literacy education, teaching, capacity building, construction and renovation, agriculture, health, childcare, and Orphanages. Some projects are managed internally within our organization, whereas others are carried out in close and established partnership with other development organization in the region. If you have an interest in a field that is not listed in the program overview below, let us know and we will see if it’s possible to arrange a position through any of our local contacts or partner NGO’s.

Programme Scope


  • Adolescent Reproduction Education (Guidance and Counselling services to adolescent youth).
  • Auxiliary nursing service in community hospitals.
  • Midwifery and childcare education to inexperienced mothers.

Child Care and support:    

  • Community Nursery School Project.
  • Orphanage.


  • Teaching English, Mathematic, Creative Arts and/or Science.
  • Sponsorship for brilliant but needy children’s education.
  • Support children with slow learning abilities.
  • Support children with mental handicaps to education (special school project).

Community development:    

  • Raise funds to support the initiative of local initiated projects.
  • Capacity building training.
  • Infrastructural project (building construction or renovation projects).
  • Farming and agricultural projects.
  • Research (as part of an academic graduate degree for example).
  • Micro credit