About us

About us

Jaksally was started by four university student of Central University, University of Ghana Legon and Kumasi Polytechnic. These came together in the year 2000 to start and run an organisation which was to produce sorghum to support education of these young men. This failed woefully. Three of the young men lost hope. Jaksally has grown from one person with the support of SNV from 1996 through a staff strength of 25, now, over 64 volunteers, 100 local interns and 20 international inters. Jaksally believe in “there shall be no waste.” We are practicing Changing Minds, Changing the Future of people we come in contact with. 


Jaksally is a local Non-Governmental organization. She is also an international award winner for 2016 Heroes in Health Care Award from Atlanta USA. She operating in the Northern, Upper West and Brong Ahafo regions of Ghana. Jaksally seeks to empower women, youth & rural communities in the regions. Jaksally works by facilitating savings, rural employment and wealth creation (through community organization and rural business development, especially environmental enterprise development).

Jaksally identifies evidence based advocacy, partnerships, collaboration, networks, internship, mentoring, coaching and on the field training as principal enterprise areas for meeting its objective/goal of rural wealth creation.


Jaksally’s strategy is to support  to build the capacity of communities, women, youth, other partners, institutions/School/students interns from all levels and facilitate their understanding of theory and practice to contemporary development system , social business, academic, business/courses/programs being offered, assist them to set up and manage their own, enterprises, business schemes and engage in profitable business ventures including self-employment, Currently, Jaksally supports over 1,500 Village Savings and Loans Associations (45,000members adults) and 200 (6000 members between ages 15 & 25) youth savings & entrepreneurial groups in the Northern, Upper West and Brong Ahafo regions with over 51,000 members involving about 39,150 females and 5,850 males adults and 4200 females & 1800 male youth . These individuals have been engaged in several development opportunities for generating savings and sharing knowledge in several areas. As part of promoting its mission, Jaksally enters into an agreement with other organizations, academic institutions, collaborators, stakeholders, CBOs, individuals, etc. to complement its aims, goals and objectives.


Our Vision is to assist the community in creating sustainable livelihoods, and getting communities to live more abundant lives, by facilitating awareness in youth and women of their own potential.

Our Mission is offers education, training and development to empower youth and women living in rural communities to increase their knowledge in operating sustainable enterprises in order to live more decent lives.


Our Objectives include, helping develop communities through partnerships and capacity building, empowering rural communities in the creation of sustainable livelihoods. Assist in developing awareness in the youth and women.


Our Strategy is Partnership development, promoting small private enterprises, Capacity building for individuals, communities, CBO's, microfinance. Building grass roots democratic system for traditional authorities, Water and Sanitation, Health Education and HIV/Aids, Tourism –traditional tourism promotion and child rights issues. We have a seven member paying board and twenty (23) staff with 65 community volunteers. 


Our mission

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